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                CONTACT KRC
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                KRC News

                Function Consulting

                Strategy consulting

                Industry planning

                Step by step, so that enterprises can better adapt

                Human resources

                Organizational structure as the carrier of the imp

                Service and retail

                Will provide the necessary training or seminar for

                Internet consulting

                "Internet plus" action plan will focus o

                Industry Consulting

                CLASSIC CASE

                Dalian airport Cary help improve the franchise sys

                In the past 5 years, the airport group Toubajiaoyi Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport in the terminal busines

                Cary Consulting - Qingdao International Airport Gr

                Project innovation:With the Qingdao airport group strategic transformation needs, from the top-level

                Cary presided over the Qingdao Airport Group

                Project highlights:In the aviation industry, the use of a unique SAT sector analysis method to accur

                KRC CONSULTANTS

                Lao Xin

                Founder of KRC, CEO, Chief Expert

                China's first to enter the field of airport consulting senior experts, expertise in strategic and corporate culture, performance management system, route network design and other research areas. C
                Lin Renshu

                KRC Partner, Executive Director, General Manager of Shanghai Company

                MBA of National University of Singapore, a former president of Moways Management Consulting Co. Ltd, Singapore,  COO & Senior Consultant of 3WIN  Co. Ltd, Taiwan,   Aurora global op
                Wu Xun

                Vice General Manager, Chief Expert of Innovation Consulting

                Good at business model design, strategic planning, human resource management and operations management. For many years, he has been responsible for the strategic and human resources management consult
                Shen Wei

                KRC Partner, Chief advisor of strategy and human resources

                More than 10 years of industry research, strategic consulting experience in strategic planning, business model innovation has a profound knowledge, is committed to the construction of business ecosyst

                CONTACT KRC


                Kent Ridge Consulting Co., Ltd.(KRC) was founded in NUS (the National University of Singapore) in 1998, with more than 80 consultants in the offices of Singapore and mainland China. KRC has long been engaged in professional services in airport, aviation, and established close cooperation with more than 50 airports across the Asia Pacific region.

                KRC has a profound understanding of the changes and developments in the civil aviation industry. The Aviation Research Center of Kent Ridge consistently studies development strategy of aviation industry on a global scale while serving local clients. By keeping a close track of aviation events, KRC has more operational data of aviation industry than its counterparts.